January 1st 2013

This will be the year that finally …

This will be the …

This will…

I am going to sribble this year.  Are you shitting comfortably?  Then let us swim begin.

I turned thirty in December.

I am male.

I am a thirty year old male.

Are you keeping up?

I am writing as myself, I feel you already know me well; a thirty year old male. My thoughts, feelings, daily obligations, duties, ramblings, emotions and many failings will all be broadcast.

It will be unputdownable, I commit myself to that.  Here’s an example of what happened in my life today, hold on tight.

I awoke to a new year with a White Russian dull ache across my eyebrows.

I sat through a very mundane game of football in the cold.  I had no pre-match beer to warm my cockles and give false optimism.  I am not drinking Alcohol this month.  The White Russian has seen to that.  I started to blog.

Ner ner told you so, it is unputdownable isn’t it?  I knew it.  I shall you keep you posted on other amazing days of my life – you’ve dipped your toe into my life but the journey has only just started.


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